Workshop O.A. Ladyzhenskaya centennial conference on PDE's (16 - 23 July, 2022)

Posted online: 2022-02-26 05:11:13Z by Henrik Shahgholian76

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  • Analysis of PDEs

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This conference is a a satellite of International Congress of Mathematicians in St. Petersburg. The conference will be held just after the ICM in PDMI.

Dates: 16 - 23 July, 2022.

Invited speakers (preliminary):

Hugo Beirao da Veiga (Italy) Alberto Cialdea (Italy) Andrea Cianchi (Italy) Manuel Del Pino (United Kingdom) Alessio Figalli (Switzerland) Hitoshi Ishii (Japan) Vladimir Kozlov (Sweden) Ulrich Langer (Austria) Vladimir Maz’ya (Sweden) Guiseppe Rosario Mingione (Italy) Roberta Musina (Italy) Felix Otto (Germany) Grigory Panasenko (France) Evgeny Panov (Russia) Andrey Piatnitski (Norway) Konstantinas Pileckas (Lithuania) Olivier Pironneau (France) Jose-Francisco Rodrigues (Portugal) Xavier Ros-Oton (Spain) Mikhail Safonov (USA) Itai Shafrir (Israel) Henrik Shahgholian (Sweden) Mikhail Surnachev (Russia) Tatyana Suslina (Russia) Susanna Terracini (Italy) Juncheng Wei (Canada)