Conference FBP2024

Posted online: 2023-08-28 19:02:52Z by Henrik Shahgholian4

Expires At: 2024-09-01

  • Analysis of PDEs

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The International Conference on Free Boundary Problems: Theory and Application has been an important catalyst for the identification and development of this interdisciplinary mathematical field, promoting it in the broadest possible mathematical sense: from experimental observations to modeling, from abstract mathematical analysis to numerical computations. FBP promotes spaces for scientific interaction between researchers and students, contributing to high-level scientific transfer between several research centers in advanced studies. This conference series takes place every few years, and it has previously been hosted in various global locations, including Shanghai (China, 2017), Cambridge (UK, 2014), and Chiemsee (Germany, 2012), after the historical beginnings of the conference series in Montecatini (Italy, 1981). The last edition was organized remotely in Berlin (Germany, 2021).