Workshop A CIMPA research school on Algebra, arithmetic and application

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  • Algebraic Geometry
  • Algebraic Topology

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The School "Algebra, Arithmetic and Applications" aims to offer intensive sessions to young researchers in areas central to current research in fundamental mathematics and applications. We have selected 4 courses:

Introduction to algebraic groups. This course will introduce algebraic groups with a particular emphasis on arithmetic aspects.

Analytical number theory and Diophantine approximation. This course will focus on Diophantine approximation and analytical number theory, especially for arithmetic functions.

Geometry of elliptical curves. This course will present the general theory of elliptic curves and modular forms.

Geometric methods in information theory. This course will deal with the theory of error correcting codes and cryptography from the angle of algebraic geometry.

This School is aimed at doctoral and post-doctoral students, but also very good Masters students who are destined for a doctorate in algebra or arithmetic. It is intended to be interactive, with exchanges between speakers and students. Thus, apart from class sessions in the classic format, we plan to have session in which the students will actively participate in undertaking such as: present the proof of a course result, lead an exercise sessions, present their work (for young researchers), open question sessions (on the model of what is done for example in Oberwolfach), round tables. These sessions will be supervised and piloted by the members of the Scientific Committee.